Update 22/4/19: I noticed the video and slides for the second link have died. Luckily, I never delete anything. Backups can be found here.

This week, I got a bit outside my comfort zone, as a client was having issues with authentication when accessing a new service we had deployed. The details aren’t important, but what I took away from this was that my understanding of Windows authentication was lacking, particularly when it came to Kerberos. So this weekend, I decided to beef up on the subject. I found these two great videos, and thought I should share them in case anyone else was looking for good Kerberos material for beginners.

This first video gives an understanding of the Kerberos authentication process, and does a great job of visualising it.
The Kerberos Authentication Process

This next video, goes more into depth, and helps relate the whole thing back to the Windows Domain Controller.
Cracking Open Kerberos: Understanding How Active Directory Knows Who You Are

Despite their age, I found both videos to be very illuminating on the subject.