Last month, a client was reporting that notes saved on entities in their fresh new CRM 2013 environment were showing the wrong dates.

Now the first place we checked was the CRM database. Here, the dates looked fine. I mean, they were in UTC format, but that’s normal for CRM behind the curtains.

We had Googled the problem, and people were offering solutions. Unfortunately, none of them seemed to solve our issue.

One pattern we noticed was the way CRM was misconstruing the dates. The 4th of September was showing up as the 9th of April.

4/9/14 -> 9/4/14

So CRM was parsing European formatted dates as  US formatted dates.

This made us revisit the verified answer on this community thread, where fellow Dane, Thomas Rath, had suggested the following:

Follow these steps:

1. Open the IIS manager

2. Choose .Net Globalization

3. Change Culture and UI Culture to “English (United States) (en-US)”. I don’t know if both are necessary.

4. Apply changes

5. Do an IIS reset

Bada bing! That fixed our date issue!

Unfortunately this had not worked when we tried it. But upon revisiting it, we made one adjustment to step 3. We adjusted the .NET Globalization settings both on the server and the site level.

IIS Manager


This made the fix work for us. For the record, you do need to change both Culture and UI Culture.

Hope this helps someone with the same issue.