We recently updated an on-premise CRM installation to CRM 2016 Update 0.1. We found no bugs during our initial tests and have received no reports of issues by the users as of yet.

We did however experience that we suddenly weren’t able to import our solution from our development environment to our test environment.

Turns out, two calculated currency fields on the Quote entity had been given different names by the update.

xx_customquotefield -> xx_Customquotefield

We know that this was the update, and not one of our developers, as the currency base, xx_customquotefieldbase remained lower case in spite of it’s corresponding field being capitalised.

The capitalisation mismatch, in the fields’ names, between the solution from the development environment (capitalised) and the test environment (lower case) meant that the solution could not be imported in the test environment.

We fixed this by deleting the fields in the development environment, and importing the fields from the test environment to the development environment.

We tried to import the solution to the test environment again. Then another error occurred – the form, which referenced the affected fields, gave an error during the import where it said something along the lines of not being able to add duplicates. We were able to fix this by removing the fields from the form on the test environment.