We are in the process of upgrading my clients’ CRM to CRM 2016. During testing, my client reported that after instigating a Quick Campaign to generate Phone Call Activities, they were unable to convert the resulting Activities to opportunities. The “Processing…” dialogue would never go away, no matter how long they waited. If I opened the JS console, I could see that a script was failing, saying it could not retrieve “Id” from an undefined object.

Long story short, I spent a good deal of time debugging and I found this to be an MS bug. The cause being that the Quick Campaign that generated the Activity did not have a value in it’s “Regarding” field. This will always be the case, unless you are generating the Quick Campaign from a Marketing List.

Due to the tight restrictions on customising Quick Campaigns, I found no supported way of filling in the Quick Campaing’s “Regarding” field.

A workaround I did find was that you could remove the reference to the Quick Campaign from the Activity’s own “Regarding” field, before converting it to an Opportunity. Not only did this stop the error from occurring, but it didn’t prevent the Quick Campaign from still keeping track of the Activity, thanks the the Campaign Activity relation that still existed between the two records.